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There's not much in the way ofnews, other thanmentioningI'm continuing researchrelated to another book and am throwing some ideas around with it. I'm also taking time for leisurereading and have updated theaction verbs list on the website underWords in the menu.

It's hard for me to believe sometimes that mythird book,A Deeper Blue,has beenpublished,and for that I'm thankful toeveryone atRegal Crest Enterprises.Ihope youfind pleasure in thisbookandwelcome the message it brings.It's special being abletoshare the storywith you.For more details,please clickhere.

Love Another Day,my first novel, won a 2012 Alice B. Readers Lavender Award certificate (Alice B. Awards).The storytakes place in Grand Teton National Park wherePark Ranger Samantha Takoda Tyler meets photojournalist Halie Walker andsparks fly, but not in the way you might imagine, or do they?If you'd like to read anexcerpt,click onLove Another Day.

Mysecond book, White Dragon, is thesequel thatpicks up a year after Sam and Halie first met in Love Another Day.Halie and Sam begin building a new life together, but all is not rosy. Troubles build. Danger looms near. For moreinformationor to read an excerpt, please clickhere.

If you're a vegetarian or looking to reduce the amount of meat in your diet, drop by the Veggie Corner for a fewtasty vegetarian recipes.And better yet, if you havea recipeto share, please doso I canpost it for all to enjoy.

As always, stay safe, andhappy reading!
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